I am a devoted conscious mother, an author, entrepreneur, spiritual and sexually wellness Guide and Dharma coach.

I’m here to help you Root into your feminine powers so that you may RISE into your Greatest Self to serve your life’s purpose.

I believe that we all were put here to wake up to our power so we can collectively raise the vibration of the planet.

You were born knowing deep truths of the universe and a sacred purpose, I’m here to remind you!


Aimee leads women into their bodies and helps them root into their power. She helps women connect to their intuition, creativity, and sexuality, that helps them have more fulfilling relationships with others and their soul’s purpose.

She believes that integrated living is the key to lasting transformation and living a fulfilled life.

Aimee has created a welath and success mastermind online course, a female empowerment creative expression book, and she is an enthusiest for living clean water in our homes and many other body, mind, soul nourishing tech tools.

Aimee leads Women’s Circles in her community, facilities online BreathworkCeremonies, Womb Ceremonies, and offers Zen Wellness Retreats for an upgraded frequency shift in health and wellness.

Learn how to Access the power of your Womb

to awaken your creative power,

go within

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