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Nurturing New Beginnings

Postpartum Care Doula Services,
Evidence Based Education,
Specialized Recovery Support,
& Newborn Care  


About Your Doula : Aimee Lora

Growing up with a mother as a midwife and doula deeply influenced my path; my dedication to nurturing new life inspired me to support friends and family in welcoming their newborns and assisting with older siblings during the delicate transition period. This passion for caregiving took on a new dimension when I encountered my own postpartum care doula. The experience of bringing home two babies was transformative, and it was through her grace that I truly understood the profound impact of postpartum support.

My journey into the world of postpartum care deepened as I delved into the study of Ayurvedic care practices, which further fueled my desire to serve my community in Jacksonville, Florida.

My approach to postpartum care is holistic and deeply personalized. I understand the importance of nurturing not just the baby, but the birthing person's body, emotional and psychological wellbeing. From providing newborn care and lactation support with evidence-based education to aiding physical recovery, my services are comprehensive and tailored to the unique needs of each family. I'm committed to creating a supportive, understanding environment, integrating trauma-informed care into my practice to ensure that every family feels safe and respected.

Inclusivity is at the heart of my practice. I actively support the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, ensuring that every family, regardless of their background or identity, feels empowered and valued during their postpartum journey.


Mission Statement: My mission is to empower new families with comprehensive nourishment, dedicated care, and tailored guidance, fostering autonomy and resilience. I am committed to supporting the birthing person's healing journey and rebirth, ensuring a transition that relieves stress and nurtures a vibrant, healthy future for each household member. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is to be a cornerstone in nurturing and preparing families, guiding them to become autonomous, well-equipped, and capable individuals. Through this, we aim to heal and uplift not only the current generation but also future ones, fostering a legacy of peace, harmony, and wellness. 


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Postpartum Care Doula Services

Our postpartum care doula services provide crucial support to new parents during the early weeks and months of their baby's life. We offer in-home visits to provide emotional and physical recovery support, infant care education, breastfeeding/chestfeeding support, and more.

Lactation Support

Our lactation support services are designed to help new parents overcome common breastfeeding/chestfeeding challenges. We offer personalized consultations, education, and support to help parents achieve their feeding goals.

Newborn Care and Education

Our newborn care and education services provide parents with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently care for their newborn. We offer guidance and education so there are no surprises on topics such as infant development, sleep, feeding, bathing, and more.



"Aimee's attentive care during my postpartum was nourishing to my body, mind and spirit. I'm so grateful I had her there for me."
Patricia Larkin
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